LumberIQ - SQL Server & SAP PowerBuilder | Web Applications

Software applications for the specialty lumber industry. Custom ERP software for inventory management of wood products.

LumberIQ was created in 1993 by Steve Getsiv while he was working for Oregon-Canadian Forest Products. Using bleeding edge technology (for 1993) the LumberIQ client server package was originally built in PowerBuilder 3 and Microsoft / Sybase SQL Server running on Windows NT. The LumberIQ software is still in active use by a number of companies.

The greatest feature of LumberIQ is its ability to handle units of random length lumber quickly and efficiently. LumberIQ includes integrated inventory control, purchasing and receiving, sales orders, invoices and credit memos. Invoices and credit memos are handed off to standard accounting systems such as Quickbooks, Microsoft Dynamics or Epicor.

Steve Getsiv can be reached at 503.473.2878 or